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Come along, Pond
Another Love

Tom Odell - Long Way Down

Another Love - Tom Odell
And if somebody hurts you, I wanna fight
But my hand’s been broken one too many times



Script: Cohle calmly takes the pulse in his neck, as if idly curious about his heart rate.

Matthew McConaughey explains: He’s coming off of years being Crash. He’s trying to walk the line. Monk-like. Trying to hold it together. And that’s a lot easier with less interaction with others. There’s a mechanical side to him.

True Detective.


#walk into the club like what up where’s our soviet boyfriend

the never ending battle. captain america. natasha romanoff. Steve Rogers.

Erechtheion temple in Athens.



I have literally been waiting for this gifset for all time

Shaun of the Dead. Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. movies.

The thing that’s different about me, empirically speaking, is you.

elementary. Sherlock Holmes. joan watson.

Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe it’s really him, if they even believe he exists. The ones that do call him the Winter Soldier. He’s a ghost, you’ll never find him.

Steve Roger’s body is never recovered from the river beneath the train, and Bucky Barnes returns to base holding Zola’s collar with one hand, and the shield in his other. Local myth says the villagers saw him walk from the snowbanks, trailing blood behind him, and he’s been trailing blood ever since.

Steve Rogers as the Winter Soldier

tingly all over. the never ending battle. Steve Rogers.

#joffrey being a seemingly good guy out of context

game of thrones. joffrey baratheon. hear me roar.


Noble Houses

House Baratheon

game of thrones. ours is the fury.


"Kings" + Final Words

and just now kings are dying like flies. game of thrones.


Game Of Thrones Character Per Episode:
↳ Ramsay Snow (4x02, The Lion and the Rose)

game of thrones. ramsay snow.
game of thrones. margaery tyrell. joffrey baratheon. growing strong. hear me roar.
The Big Bang Theory. penny. amy farrah fowler. bernadette rostenkowski.
fight club. movies. david fincher.
supernatural. azazel.